Logo for Accelerace

Partner, Jesper Knudsen

"Plenum has repeatedly acted as motivator and facilitator for a number of our start-ups, primarily in executions of ambitious sales strategies resulting in substantial return."

Logo for Politiken

CCO, Roy Bruhn-Pedersen

"With great insight into subscription-driven business models and publishing Plenum has contributed in the digital transition and development of Politiken. Furthermore, Plenum has worked as a consultant around revenue flows and processes of change."

Logo for Klestrup Partners

CEO, Partner, Jeppe Klestrup Andersen

"In collaboration with management Plenum has formulated the company's three-year strategic plans, and support the execution on an ongoing basis - with specific and visible results already in the first stage of implementation."

Logo for MapsPeople

CEO, Partner, Michael Gram

”As a Board member Plenum has contributed to the design of the company's strategic focus on Indoor Mapping and is ongoing in direct contact with the sales management about the execution of specific activities."

Logo for Graduateland

CEO, Founder and Partner, Jens Reimer

”Plenum has been a very active sparring partner around the definition of company goals and direction, and played a major part in raising the necessary financing as Executive Chairman for 2 years."

Logo for GI-NetWorks

CEO, Owner, Tonni Eriksen

”Plenum has been the strategic initiator of the company's goals and plans, and works today as one of the driving forces in the Board to implement strategies and fulfill the ambitious growth targets”.


About Plenum

Plenum Invest & Consulting is a small, independent consulting and investment company, primarily driven by Christian Samsoe. But depending on the nature of the tasks, other qualified persons and/or investors will be involved.

The tasks are centered around execution of growth and sales activities, digital business development and transformation, strategies (exit) and go-to-market plans, preparation of budgets incl. relevant KPIs, funding/fundraising, as well as traditional tasks related to board works and advisory boards.

Typical customers are cloud-based software companies as Ecofleet (fleet management and tracking) and MapsPeople (indoor mapping), and other companies within IT and web as Klestrup partner (hosting and IT outsourcing) and GI-NetWorks (establishment of data centers). Moreover, all clients have a strong focus on subscription-driven business models.

The business philosophy is simple: "We believe in great people and great results".

Billede af Christian Samsø

About Christian Samsoe

25 years on C-level from various publishing, media and software companies (web, mobile, SaaS) concentrating on subscription based business models and aggressive growth - both offline and online. In the past 14 years, I have worked in the IT and web industry covering both startups and more matured companies focusing on business development and digital transformation, growth, exit-strategies, sales efficiency and profitability.

Board positions

  • GI Networks (Chairman)
  • Maps People (Board Member)
  • Nordic Power Converters (Chairman)
  • Onmondo (Board Member)
  • Readynez (Chairman)
  • BOX IT Design (Chairman)

Key competencies are:

  • Digitalization
  • SaaS and other digital business models
  • Subscription based business models
  • Sales management and performance
  • Strategy and implementation
  • Business development in generel
  • Turnaround and restructuring
  • M & A and funding
  • Board work





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